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Contractor Drainage Course

Advanced Drainage Course

This 6-day course is one of the mandatory requirements for an operator to upgrade from a Class "B" to a Class "A" Machine Operator Licence.

The Advanced Drainage Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to assess, plan and design Image of a drainage ditchagricultural sub-surface drainage works. Learners will gain an understanding of tile drainage design, so that design and installation will comply with the ‘Drainage Guide for Ontario’. The advanced course includes instruction and practice in the design of drainage works as per Regulation 18 of the Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act.

Blended Learning Program

The Advanced Drainage Course is a 6-day blended learning program. 

The Advanced Drainage Course is made up of two parts:

  • Advanced Drainage Course: Review elearning module (2 hours)
    • A review of the material covered in the Primary Drainage Course to prepare you for the new content covered in the Advanced Drainage Course
    • Must be completed prior to attending the classroom training
  • Advanced Drainage Course classroom training & exam (6 Days)

You will receive instructions on how to access the elearning module by email after registration has closed.  Registration closing and elearning completion date information is provided below.

Course CANCELLED due to low enrolment

Classroom Offering: March 22 - 27, 2021

Registration closes: February 22, 2021
Complete elearning by: March 15, 2021

Marden Community Centre (North of Guelph)
7368 Wellington Road 30

Start time: 9:00am on the first day, 8:30am on all other days

Course Topics

  • roles, responsibilities, and requirements
  • site assessment
  • preliminary design
  • legislation and the environment
  • drainage system design
  • construction and materials
  • existing systems
  • cost estimates and post construction records


Successful completion of the Primary Drainage Course.

 Certificate of Completion

  A Certificate of Completion is granted to particpants that:

  1. Complete the Advanced Drainage: Review eLearning course prior to attending the in-class training.
  2. Attend the in-class training
  3. Successfully pass the exam. The exam will be written on the last day of the course. 


$ 621.50 (includes HST)

Fee covers the cost of the course and exam.  Lunches are provided.

What to Bring

  • calculator
  • non-medical mask


Exam will be written on the last day of the course.


You are responsible for your own accommodations.


Class sizes have been reduced in 2021 in order to follow Public Health recommendations for safe gatherings. 

Priority will be given to individuals who require an operator licence under the Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act. Organizations are also being asked to limit registration to one individual.  Multiple registrations from an organization, out-of-province participants, or for those who do not require an operator licence, will be added to a waiting list and considered if there is space available.


There are no dates available at this time. Please contact us for assistance.

Reviewed 02/23/2021