Ontario Agriculture Worker Safety and Awareness Certificate 

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Are you considering a career in agriculture but don’t know where to start? Landed a job on a farm in Ontario and looking for an overview of how an operation works and ways to keep yourself safe? Want to showcase some new agricultural knowledge and transferable skills on your resume to position yourself above the competition?

Whether you are new to agriculture or looking for a refresher course, the Ontario Agriculture Worker Safety and Awareness Certificate will help to set you up for success.


  • Introduction: Careers in Agriculture
  • Agricultural Worker Health and Safety Regulations
  • Agricultural Workplace Hazards
  • Farm Equipment Operation and Safety
  • Livestock Production Safety
  • Crop Production Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Mental Wellness in Agriculture
  • Hand Tool Operation and Safety

Course Objectives

 Syllabus: Ontario Agriculture Worker Safety and Awarness Certificate

This online certificate includes e-learning modules designed to provide a broad overview of health and safety on a farm operation in Ontario, including:

  • the safe operation of farm equipment, hand tools, and power tools;
  • an overview of crop and livestock farm operations; and
  • an introduction to mental wellness in agriculture.

Who should take the Certificate?

The modules are directed at individuals in Ontario that are new to the agricultural industry or in need of a refresher course. They are self-directed, online courses structured to be completed at your own pace. The modules can be completed individually at any time and will take approximately 10-12 hours to complete, however there is no time limit.

The modules will provide you with the knowledge required to have confidence in your abilities and understanding of safe agricultural practices, and to set you up for a successful career in agriculture.  A certificate will be awarded to participants who successfully complete all of the online modules. Quizzes are placed throughout the modules to test your progress.

Enrollment is easy using the online registration tool below.  No previous education in the agricultural or agri-food industry is necessary.


$99.00+HST.  Contact the us directly to ask about discounts for registrations of high school/post-secondary groups of students and other large groups.
1-866-222-9682 | rcabc@uoguelph.ca


After you register you will receive an invitation to join University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus Training.  Follow the instructions to confirm your registration to set up your learning space and access your online learning.




2022 Ontario Agriculture Worker Safety and Awareness Certificate

Online Course



If you have questions about the course material, please contact the Feeding Your Future Coordinator 

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