IPM for Cemeteries

Integrated Pest Management Certification Program for Cemeteries

(IPMCP for Cemeteries) University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus

In cooperation with Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

IPMCP for Cemeteries is a program that recognizes cemeteries and employees that have demonstrated knowledge and commitment to the principles of IPM through a process of certification. IPMCP for Cemeteries is developed based on the changes to Ontario Regulation 63/09, effective May 1, 2020. IPM certification of pesticide applicators enables the use of unlisted pesticides to maintain turf on a lot in a cemetery, as a condition of the cemetery exception under the cosmetics pesticide ban.

Complete program details are available in the IPM Certification Program for Cemeteries Policies and Procedures.


Cemeteries - are defined in the Cemeteries Act to mean:

  1. land that has been established as a cemetery under the Cemeteries Act, a private Act or a predecessor of one of them that related to cemeteries, or
  2. land that was recognized by the registrar appointed under the Cemeteries Act as a cemetery under a predecessor of the Cemeteries Act that related to cemeteries,

and includes,

  1. land that, in the prescribed circumstances, has been otherwise set aside for the interment of human remains, and
  2. a mausoleum or columbarium intended for the interment of human remains.

Cemetery Lot - is defined in the Cemeteries Act to mean an area of land in a cemetery containing, or set aside to contain interred human remains and includes a tomb, crypt or compartment in a mausoleum and a niche or compartment in a columbarium and any similar facility or receptacle.

To Become An IPM Certified Person

An IPM Certified Person is the person from each cemetery who is responsible for cemetery conformance with the IPM Certification Program for cemeteries and has:

  • a valid Landscape Exterminator licence
  • successfully completed the IPM examination, and
  • maintains certification renewal requirements.

All IPM Certified Persons are issued a unique IPM certification number.

Certification Process:

  • Apply to write the examination. Select an exam date and location from the list provided. If you are re-writing the examination, please contact rcipmcpc@uoguelph.ca to schedule.
  • Review the recommended study materials for the exam. Applicants are responsible to obtain their own recommended study material
  • Pass the examination
  • Issuance of an IPM certificate
  • Re-certification

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IPMCP for Cemeteries Exam (August 7)

Barrie - 9:00am

Aug 7, 2024


  • Online applicants will be contacted to obtain Landscape Exterminator licence number and expiry date and the names of the cemeteries for which they will represent upon certification.
  • Applicants must follow the exam venue's entry protocols regarding COVID-19.

Annual Report

The cemetery representative and the IPM Certified Person are responsible for maintaining all documentation necessary to complete the Annual Report of unlisted pesticide use.

The Annual Report will cover the use of unlisted pesticides in, on or over land during the period from January 1 – December 31 in a year and will be prepared before January 31 in the following year.

For a period of at least five years after an Annual Report is prepared, a copy of the report must be kept at the head office of the cemetery, on request given immediately to a provincial officer or the Director, and on request given to any person free of charge within seven days of the request.


Contact Information:

Integrated Pest Management Certification Program for Cemeteries
University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus
120 Main Street East
Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0
519-674-1500 x63575


Reviewed 11/02/2023