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A Web-Based Cover Crop Decision Tool for Growers in Eastern Canada


The use of cover crops can be an important tool in sustainable agriculture, with many cover crops recognized to provide benefits in suppression of weeds, as well as improving soil tilth and optimizing nutrient cycling. There is currently a growing interest in using cover crops as part of integrated management strategies.

The need for a tool to assist growers in Eastern Canada gain access to a large amount of relevant data to make scientifically sound cover crop choices was identified by stakeholders as a priority gap to be addressed by the Pesticide Risk Reduction Program’s Integrated Weed Management Strategy for Field Vegetables.

The following factsheet provides an overview of the tool and it's development.

 Cover Crop Decision Tool Factsheet

Cover Crop Decision Tool

The tool is designed to assist farmers and agribusiness personnel in selecting cover crops for field and vegetable crop rotations based on their soil type, heat units and objectives (i.e. weed fighter, nitrogen builder, erosion control, etc.). Each cover crop has a profile, specific to Ontario conditions and management systems. The profile gives cover crop management information such as seeding rate and also outlines potential benefits and limitations.

For more information on using the Cover Crop Decision Tool download the User Guide.

Cover Crops Decision Tool User Guide


Cover Crop Decision Tool

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Reviewed 04/13/2018