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Livestock Medicines Education Program

In Class Course

This course is designed for pratical application for producers of dairy, beef, sheep & goat and equine farms. Improving livestock medicine on your farm will result in:

  • Increased returns
  • Improved food safety techniques
  • Higher consumer confidence
  • Quality Assurance through programs developed by commodity organizations.

Topics Covered

  1. Team approach through responsibility delegation
  2. Label comprehension (read, understand and follow labels)
  3. Identity farm management imporvement systems

Overall Outcomes

  • Decrease costs through correct dosing and reduced wastage
  • Learn diagnosis skills required for livestock medicine use
  • Minimize risks to animals and humans
  • Improve animal health and performance
  • Enhance food safety and consumer confidence 

Fee (includes course workbook)

$100/person (includes HST)

Course Information

This is a 1 day course that runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm.  Certificates are issued after full day attendance and sucessfully completing an in class, open book, multiple choice exam.


Contact us today to schedule an offering for your group or organization. 1-877-480-9992.


Reviewed 10/28/2021